For the past year, the SPIN collective has been working on a magazine about the climate crisis with a focus on water. To this end, we launched an Open Call and received a variety of different contributions from the Willem de Kooning Academy, from SPIN’s network in Rotterdam, and beyond. The magazine is focused on sharing knowledges and imaginaries around the climate crisis and intersecting topics while focusing on water.

“The MagaSPIN will introduce you to a wayward, amphibious landscape in Slovenia that evades human classification and profit-orientation, trace histories of colonial vessels across the Atlantic, and look at a desiccated Mexican lake where the local communities continue to resist the consequences of colonial exploitation. The MagaSPIN invites you to dive into the sea, listen to the tales of water, immerse yourself in oceanic species entanglement, and be guided to the depths of a Deaf Atlantis. Resurfacing, it encourages you to speculate about the future of petroleumscapes, the home of the devastating ‘heavy water’, introduces you to the notion of ‘biological disobedience’ and forecasts your cruel and unstable future through our Horrorscope.”1

The MagaSPIN is currently being printed and will soon be distributed.

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1 Arcos, Carla, Jouliette Douet, and Julia Wilhelm. “Spintroduction.” MagaSPIN, SPIN (self-published), 2022.

Above: The first version of the MagaSPIN.
October 2021.