Ostara Preparation

Tuesday, March 15

Together with the Rooftop Garden group we met up on Tuesday to concretize our plans for the coming months. We decided to organise the next festivity, Ostara, on the 7th of April. After a potluck we will be hosting a panel on gardens as spaces for study and community building, afterwards, we will start planting. It feels good that the physical infrastructure of the garden is slowly developing, but also a bit scary, as it is quite a lot of work, and we are all very inexperienced with designing spaces and building things. M dropped by shortly letting us know that the budget was approved. She also said she will try to get us an advance, so we can work more independently and don't have to go through all the tedious bureaucratic procedures, which is great news. It is strange how our relationship to M, or rather, her behaviour towards us, seems to change with every meeting. Sometimes it feels like we are on one page and she is really just there to support us, while during other moments she dismisses everything that is central to our idea of the Rooftop Garden and wants to push through her own agenda of innovative green spaces. It is as if at times she would appear as herself, and sometimes as an embodied manifestation of the institution, and we can never be sure who we will encounter.

Monday, April 4th to Tuesday, April 7th

In preparation for the Ostara event, we contacted Raymond from the wood workshop and he took us to WdKA's basement in search of materials. Amidst archived books, student works from the last 20 years, and piles and piles of chairs, we found some plastic cargo containers that weren't in use anymore. In the following days, we transformed four of them into planters by drilling holes in the bottom and adding wheels, so they would be elevated from the ground and moveable. We also ordered several hundred kilos of soil and wood chips that needed to be carried up to the Rooftop, and Carla Arcos and Clara Harmßen went to several market gardens to decide which plants to buy. I was mainly responsible for organising the panel on gardening and contacted several persons with relevant experience. Michelle Teran and Renée Turner agreed to join, and we discussed together which aspects could be relevant. Michelle also gifted us small planters, building material, and logs that we picked up from her garden to use on the rooftop.

Images left to right:

Img. 1: Wilhelm, Julia. Picking up materials for the Rooftop. 6 April 2022.
Img. 2: Wilhelm, Julia. The Soil delivery. 6 April 2022.
Img. 3: Arcos, Carla. Transporting Plants. 7 April 2022.
Img. 4: Arcos, Carla. Drilling holes in the containers used as planters. 4 April 2022.
Img. 5: Arcos, Carla. Bringing the Planters to the Rooftop. 4 April 2022.