Reading Rhythms Club

Reading Rhythms Club is a monthly alternative reading group hosted by Juliette Douet, Carla Arcos, Arimit Bhattacharya, Senka Milutinović, and Julia Wilhelm at the Research Station of the Willem de Kooning Academy. “We read in the rain / in unison / over each other / by whispering / slowly / you name it! All depending on the text and genre, from poetry to feminist sci-fi to album readings, all frequencies are accepted here.” 1

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The Reading Rhythms Club on MyWdKA (Internal Website)
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1 Milutinović, Senka. “WED 28.10.2020: READING RHYTHMS CLUB #1.” Mywdka, 12. Oct. 2020, station/2020/10/12/reading-rhythms-club-1/.
Accessed 29 May 2022.

Above: Milutinović, Senka (designer). Poster for RRC #13 on Jenny Holzer's Inflammatory Essays. 16 February 2022.