SPIN means spider in Dutch and is an acronym for ‘SymPoietic InterraNet’, which means building together in an interconnected, decentralised, earth-bound way. SPIN is a student-led collective based around the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam that focuses on intersectional climate justice. SPIN believes that the destruction of ecosystems cannot be addressed without acknowledging that it is inherently linked with colonialism, racism, class inequalities, and feminism. Operating in different working groups, SPIN aims to connect with like minded initiatives, activist and engaged individuals urging against ecological decay and fighting for social justice in Rotterdam and beyond.1

At the Willem de Kooning academy, SPIN is taking care of the Trashbunker, a place where students and staff can bring used or unwanted materials and take any object they want to give a new life. SPIN is also developing the Rooftop Garden and events surrounding it and working on the MagaSPIN magazine on the climate crisis. SPIN is involved in activism, for instance during Israeli Apartheid Week.

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1 SPIN collective. https://spin-collective.com. Accessed 29 May 2022.

Above: Douet, Juliette. The SPIN Logo. 2021.